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The Internet Protocol (IP) address allows you to uniquely identify any device connected to a data transmission network.

All devices (personal computers, servers, laboratory instruments ...) that need to access the University data network must have an IP address.

To request an IP it is necessary to download (see below) and fill in the IP Number Request Form, signed by the Department Director (Richiedente) and the Laboratory Manager or in any case by structured personnel (Responsabile dell'apparecchiatura).

This completed form must be taken to the DBB Administrative Secretariat which has the credentials to forward the request via S.O.S. UniPV Services

Download, fill in the form and deliver it to the Administrative Secretariat before disposing of the inventoried product.

Download the form, fill it in and deliver it to the Administrative Secretary.

Form to be signed and added to each order request.
For orders of less than 400 euros of taxable amount, please always tick the item "Purchase of little economic importance...", with the sole exception of those relating to inventoriable IT material.