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IP Number Request

The Internet Protocol (IP) address allows you to uniquely identify any device connected to a data transmission network.

All devices (personal computers, servers, laboratory instruments ...) that need to access the University data network must have an IP address.

To request an IP, it is necessary to send to the Technological Infrastructure Management Service, through the protocol system, the IP Request form completed in all its parts and signed by the Director / Manager / President of the structure and by the Head of the equipment (structured staff) .

Request further information from the DBB Administrative Secretary.

"Scarico Inventariale" Form

Download, fill in the form and deliver it to the Administrative Secretariat before disposing of the inventoried product.

Refund request

Download the form, fill it in and deliver it to the Administrative Secretary.

"Esenzione Accordo Quadro" Form
"Pre-Ordine" Form
Richiesta Acquisto Libri (Biblioteca)