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Scientific directorProf. Luca Ferretti

Supporting staffDr. Viola Grugni

The Laboratory of Experimental Biology (LBS) is dedicated to teaching support for Biotechnology and Biological Sciences courses, which include practical curricular activities.

Since 2017, LBS involves a technician (Dr. Grugni), and also relies on the collaboration of the teaching and technical staff of the Department for the management and implementation of the activities.

LBS laboratories
The LBS displays three laboratories at the Engineering Pole (laboratories D1, D2 and D5) equipped for practical exercises in microbiology, genetics and molecular biology, biochemistry, cytology and cytogenetics, plant physiology.

Main activities

Practical curricular activities:
Every year, practical activities related to the study courses in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology are carried out in the laboratories of the LBS.

Training and orientation pre-degree internship activities:
Practical and study activities are organized in the laboratories of the LBS, focused on biological sciences and biotechnology. The activities may take place as one-day or multi-day internships, and are dedicated to the training of teachers and students of secondary schools.


Project "DNA chiavi in mano":
From 2015 to 2019 the LBS participated in the "DNA chiavi in mano" project, dedicated to molecular cloning. This project was planned by Profs. Cazzani and Pisauro of the ITE Agostino Bassi of Lodi.

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