Rooms Booking


Coordinators of degree courses establish the calendar of occupation of the classrooms with absolute precedence over any other type of use.



Check the Calendar




Fill in the form at the link below and send it to: (Mr. Coscia, tel. 986032).

If necessary, fill out the form several times for non-bookable events with a single submission. For a single event, an email may be sufficient but with all the information (timetables, number of students / people, etc.). The scheduling of exams and possible seminars / meetings etc in the periods October-January and March-June should be scheduled in the afternoon, less occupied by frontal teaching.
The scheduling of the exams must respect the periods of teaching activity of the students, typically 1/10 - 15/1 and 1/3 - 15/6 for lessons and 16/1 - 27/2 and 16/6 - 30/9 for exams.



"Nuovo Polo Didattico" (purple building)
Aula 1 (158 posti)
Aula 2 (158 posti)
Polo Didattico (Building "Facoltà di Ingegneria")
Aula A3 (180 posti) mornig till 13:00
Aula A4 (180 posti)
Aula C6 (76 posti) afternoon from 14:00
DBB – Building "Laboratori di Genetica e Microbiologia"
Aula A (37 posti Piano Terra)
Aula C (28 posti Piano Terra)>
DBB – Building "Laboratori di Biologia Animale" (Botta 2)
Aula Jucci (96 posti Piano 4)
Aula D (45 posti Piano 6)
Aula B (22 posti Piano 6)