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Quality Assurance

DBB Delegate at the University Quality Control Unit for the Science Area
Prof. Paola Rossi

To consult the Review reports and the reports of the Student Teachers Joint Commission, use the following link which opens a page accessible with the University credentials; Review reports and CPDS reports can be found in the Internal Use Documentation section under Instructional Quality Assurance. The review reports (annual and cyclical) and the CPDS reports of the last 3 years are published by area.
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Composition of the review groups by Study Courses

  • Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology
    Proff. D. Ubiali and C. Binda, A. Bontempi (Administrative Technical Staff) and Christian Limardo (Student)
  • Master's degree in Advanced Biotechnology
    Prof. Ornella Pastoris (CdS Coordinator) – Review Manager; Prof. Claudia Binda (CdS teacher); Antonella Bontempi (Administrative Technical Staff with advisory and organizational function); Riccardo Castello (Student)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences
    Proff. A. Olivieri, M. Torti, and M.G. Bottone, L. Landena (Administrative Technical Staff) and Alex Arcaro (Student)
  • Master's Degree in Experimental and Applied Biology
    Prof. F. Moccia and L. Chiarelli, L. Landena (Administrative Technical Staff) and Valentina Brunetti (student)
  • Master's Degree in Neurobiology
    Proff. G. Biella and M Peviani, L. Landena (Administrative Technical Staff) and Alessandra Sala (Student)
  • Master's Degree “Molecular Biology and Genetics”
    Proff. F. Forneris and P. Iadarola, M. Santagostino (Administrative Technical Staff) and Mario Cocorullo (student)


Joint Commission (triennium 2021-2024)

Sergio Comincini, Edda De Rossi, Ornella Semino, Ludvik Gomulski, Marco Peviani, Francesco Lescai

Paola Del Papa, Michela Tulino, Federica Agate, Maria Cristina Deodato, Michele Sanbartolomeo, Tommaso Magarotto


Commission: Marco Biggiogera (Director), Gerardo Biella (AP), Antonio Torroni (FP), Cecilia Osera (Research Manager – Research Office)



Each student expresses his opinion on the courses he follows by filling in a form, which he accesses through his own private area. Filling in the form is mandatory in order to take the exam related to the course followed. For many years, the University of Pavia has been publicizing the results of the student opinion survey with the SISValDidat system (Statistical Information System for the Evaluation of University Teaching). The old site can be seen at this link.