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National and international networks

DBB participates in international networks, based on European cooperation in the fields of science, medicine and technology.

In particular:

  • EPTRI, European Pediatric Translational Research Infrastructure, a pan-European initiative involving hundreds of research units gathered together to boost the pediatric research ecosystem and provide services for the development of pediatric medicines (, DBB contact: Prof. Ornella Pastoris)
  • COST actions, European interdisciplinary research network. The DBB participates in the COST actions: 1) EuroScitizen- Building on scientific literacy in Evolution, on targeted strategies to improve the levels of scientific literacy (, DBB contact: Prof. Lino Ometto ); 2) DARTER- Delivery of AntisenseRNA Therapeutics, for the development of RNA targeting nucleic acid drugs (, DBB contact: Prof. Marco Peviani).