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ECLT (European Center for Law, Science and New Technologies)

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The Research Centers of the University of Pavia are dedicated to the development of important long-term research activities based on a highly interdisciplinary approach, which can involve multiple research groups from different Departments. The activities can also be promoted and supported by bodies outside the University.

Biotechnologies, cognitive sciences, nanotechnologies, information and communication technologies (ICT), robotics, are the main fields in which the interaction between different scientific knowledge and technologies is producing an acceleration of historical dimensions, to which the world of law does not it is and cannot be a stranger.

This is the responsibility of the European Center for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT) Research Center of the University of Pavia, born in 2004 from the collaboration of academic scientists and jurists, as a development of the activity started in previous years by Amedeo Santosuosso and Carlo Alberto Redi, in collaboration with Andrea Belvedere, Sergio Seminara and Silvia Garagna (current President). In 2015, the ECLT Center entered into an integration and collaboration relationship with the Center for Health Technologies (CHT) at the University of Pavia, of which it constitutes the legal ethical pillar.