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Exam schedule

Registration for exams takes place within the Reserved Area which each student can access through the University website, using their credentials (Username: tax code in capital letters; Password: personal password of the University services - Wi-Fi service, access to the PCs of the IT rooms).

Available exams can be consulted even without accessing the Reserved Area: UNIPV Appeals Board

Through the following links you can directly access pre-selected lists for study courses:

Biotecnologie Avanzate
Scienze Biologiche
Biologia Sperimentale ed Applicata
Molecular Biology and Genetics

For any informations and answers on the most common registration problems (FAQ), see the University page dedicated to the topic:
Faq-exam registration

In case of problems, contact the Student Secretariat of the Science Area (former Faculty of Science MMFFNN). Via Ferrata 1 - 27100 Pavia (for appointments: link)
Tel. (Informastudenti) 0382-989898; Fax 0382 985951
E-mail: DIRECT LINE with the student secretariat

For problems registering in the Biological Sciences exam sessions, contact
For problems registering in the Biotecnology exam sessions, contact
In e-mails, always indicate your matriculation number and the codes of the exams for which assistance is requested.

Do not contact the teachers for problems registering for exam sessions.


  • Some exams require a compulsory non-verbalized written text followed by a verbalized final oral exam (eg Genetics for the Bachelor in Biotechnology). In this case, you can only enroll for the written test which is found in the section of the menu called "Partial tests".
  • Registrations for exams will be possible from the twentieth to the second day prior to the date of the exam. Students enrolled in the exam and who then do not intend to take it are asked to cancel their enrollment in time.