List of Patents (since 2018):

Year Patent ID Title Co-Owner
2018 PCT/IB2018/050233  Diagnostic and Prognostic Method for Myelofibrosis Enrica Tira
2018 EP18170592.2 Redesign of an alcohol oxidase for improved reactivity towards glycerol Andrea Mattevi
2018 WO/2018/014939 Mutated Form of NADPH Oxidases Andrea Mattevi, Francesca Magnani
2019 WO/2019191650(A1) Compositions and methods for targeting cells Marco Peviani
2019 WO/2019/212351  Mutant alcohol oxidases and use thereof in the conversion of diols and polyols Andrea Mattevi
2021 EP21201359 Substituted vinyl piperazine-piperidine urea derivatives as anticancer agents Marco Peviani