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Educational guidance

Scientific degree plan (Piano Lauree scientifiche, PLS)

The Scientific degree plan (Piano Lauree scientifiche, PLS) proposes that students, in orientation and self-assessment activities, and teachers, in training ones, do not limit themselves to passive participation in the proposed activities but play an active role, through laboratory experiences.

The Department of Biology and Biotechnology offers various activities to students and teachers of high school: summer internships, entrance orientation days, training internships, summer internships to promote the science laboratory and training days for teachers to update them on new advances and breakthroughs in the life sciences and biotechnology fields.

The DBB actively participates in this initiative with the Laboratory of Experimental Biology (LBS).

C.OR. "Orienta" - Pavia University

Orientation days for bachelors and single-cycle master's degrees at the University of Pavia.