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Centro Orientamento Universitario (C.OR.)


The Alternating School and Work Programme (“Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento”, PCTO), mandatory for students in the last three years of high school, is an innovative teaching method.  The Alternating School and Work Programme allow students, to consolidate knowledge acquired at school, to test their aptitudes in the field, to enrich their training and guide their study path (and future work) through practical experience. The DBB enthusiastically adheres to it by proposing some projects as well as several tutoring projects that involve university students with that support and integrate teaching experiences.

In addition, part-time collaboration activities (50-150 hours per year) are dedicated to university students to be spent in several departments of the University, including the DBB.


All the initiatives are coordinated by Centro di Orientamento (C.OR.) of the University, to be contacted in case of further information.