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Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors



The Department of Biology and Biotechnology hosts several Visiting Professors from all over the world to enrich the contents of the various degree courses.

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Professor Country Course
Cristina Crava Spain Molecular Entomology
Sion Bayliss UK Genomics and Epidemiology of infectious Diseases
Andrea Musacchio Germany Structural Biology
Lars Kaestner Germany Cellular Biochemistry
Roberto Feuda UK Comparative Genomics and Metagenomics in Vectors and Pathogens
Leo J. Hofland Holland Human Molecular Genetics
Lynette Fernandez Cuesta Spain Pharmacogenomics , Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics
Miguel Valvano UK  Molecular Microbiology
Susana Araujo Portugal Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Chih-Jen Lin UK Developmental Biology
Professor Country Course
Lin Chih-Jen UK Developmental Biology
Golemis Erica  USA Human Molecular Genetics
De Sousa Araujo Susana  Portugal Cod. 504226 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - Mod. 1
D’Angelo Igor Edmondo Paolo USA Structural Biology
Guy Lionel Francois Sweden Bioinformatics
Miguel Valvano UK Molecular Microbiology
Professor Country Course
Gilberto Fisone Sweden Neurobiology of Brain Disorders
Elda Arrigoni USA Neural Basis of  Behaviour and Neuropsychology
Selene Lomoio USA Cellular Neurobiology