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Functional Oncogenomics Laboratory (Neurobiology)

Oncogenomica funzionale


Referent: Dr. Sergio Comincini

Development of preclinical anticancer protocols in human astrocytomas.

The research line is focused on the identification of new preclinical strategies aimed at treating highly malignant central nervous system tumors of the glial type, mainly represented by glioblastoma multiforme. Despite decades of intense research, the prognosis for these tumors remains extremely dramatic and, to date, therapeutic treatments are relatively ineffective in the remission of the cancer. The research activity involves in particular the development of preclinical protocols to induce specific programmed cell death processes for tumor cells by activating the autophagic and apototic process based on the development of experimental therapeutic protocols for photodynamic therapy. Currently, we are trying to develop a carrier system based on the use of allogeneic tumor nanovesicles enriched with photoactivable molecules able to favorably interfere with the processes of programmed cell death in stem cells and organoids derived from patients with glioblastoma multiforme.

Main collaborations:

  • Lab. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Genova, prof. Federica Barbieri
  • Lab. of Pharmaceutical Nanosystems Preformulation and Development, University of Pavia, prof. Cristina Bonferoni
  • Femtolab, University of Pavia, prof. Luca Tartara
  • Lab. of Drug Delivery, University of Sassari, prof. Elisabetta Gavini