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Useful Informations (Guides and Forms)

Compilation of study plans is a procedure that is carried out only online, usually between November and December of the current academic year. Further information can be found on the University page or on the websites of each degree course

All students attending research and / or teaching laboratories must refer to the following page of the DBB site: Sicurezza e Salute - Procedura per regolarizzarsi (ITA by the moment)


Please note, in the "GUIDELINES" PDF the link to the “Who begins well…” course is wrong, the right link is


Attention: the internship is an activity that's coded differently than the thesis internship, so always refer to your study plan.

Forms and procedures for the internship are different depending on whether the internship is in an external institution or in University:

  • Internship in a company or other external establishment that necessarily requires the activation of the internship. The activation procedure must be done online and for this see the page on the COR website. To complete the internship, download the form at the following link: Internship end form
  • Internship in University (only for LT Biotechnology students enrolled up to the 2016-17 academic year). The procedure is not online and requires filling in an Internship Start Form and an Internship End Form

Referent for internships Prof. Edda De Rossi: