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The objective of the PhD program in Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology is the formation of next generation leading scientists. The program will offer the students courses in the latest methodologies and techniques suitable for undertaking basic and applied researches in Biological, Biotechnological and Medical Sciences.


The PhD program includes the following research topics:


  • physiological and molecular mechanisms regulating phenotypic differentiation and modulation of cellular functions; 
  • cellular and multi-organ pathologies, genetic diseases, together with the genetic and evolutionary causes of their dissemination;
  • studies of DNA-interacting molecules; 
  • micro-organisms, also in relation to their pathogenicity;
  • functional studies of bacterial genomes, animals and plants and their in vitro manipulation;
  • engineering of genes and proteins to produce molecules of interest;
  • analysis of active principles and identification of the molecular mechanisms of their function by using cytomorphological, cytochemical and ultrastructural techniques. 

All these research fields are relevant to biotechnological applications in several areas including healthcare (diagnosis and therapy), industry (production of bioactive proteins and secondary metabolites in animal and plant cell cultures), environment and alimentation (phytoremediation, changes in species planted with low environmental impact, phytopathogenic insects to increase agricultural productivity of crop species and insect vectors important for the environment and human health).


The objectives of the PhD program will be achieved through lectures, seminars and research activities . The integration of different expertise from the organizing Institutions will help to build the general vision of biological problems that is necessary for the formation of excellent international researchers.


Each PhD student, besides being followed by a tutor to perform his research project, constantly has the opportunity to contact and discuss with other PhD students and all Faculty members. It is expected that, at the end of the PhD program, students will be able to conduct an independent research activity anywhere in the world, having acquired the methodological expertise important for their integration in the world of work.


As described in the Home Page, the PhD program in Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology was established in 2011 through the union of three Doctorates. This website will offer all information on the courses, research topics, faculty and students of the different PhD programs that participated in this union. This information is also available at the websites of the individual PhD programs: Genetic and Biomolecular Sciences, Cell Biology, Pathology and Genetics.