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Type: R

Deadline: Multiple deadlines


The Wenner-Gren Foundation is committed to playing a leadership role in anthropology. We help anthropologists advance anthropological knowledge, build sustainable careers, and amplify the impact of anthropology within the wider world.


  • Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Destinatari: PhD student;

Finanziamento: up to 25.000$.

Deadline: May 1; November 1.



  • Post-Ph.D. Research Grants

Destinatari: Post-doc.

Finanziamento: up to 25.000$.

Deadline: May 1; November 1.



  • Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships

Recipients can use the fellowship award while preparing a book, monograph, journal article(s), book chapter(s), or a combination of such publications.

Destinatari: Applicants may apply for this fellowship up to 10 years after earning their PhD.

Finanziamento: $40,000 for 9 months of full-time writing.

Deadline: May 1.



  • Conference and Workshop Grants

This grant program supports meetings and events that promote the development of inclusive communities of anthropologists and advance significant and innovative research.

Destinatari: The Foundation supports multidisciplinary meetings but only if the event’s primary aim is to advance anthropological conversations.

Finanziamento: 20.000$.

Deadline: June 1, December 1.