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Type: F/M

Deadline: Multiple deadlines



FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) is a charitable academic organization, that promotes and supports biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, molecular biophysics and related research areas. Italy participates in FEBS through SIB, Italian Biochemical Society.


  • Short-Term Fellowships

FEBS Short-Term Fellowships are awarded for the purpose of scientific collaboration, advanced training or employing techniques not available at the candidate’s usual place of work.

Recipient: Applicants must have a PhD or at least one published paper as a main author in an international scientific journal. They should normally be scientists who have obtained their PhD degree within the past six years.

Budget: up to 3 months.

Deadline: Applications may be made throughout the year, but should be submitted via the online application system at least three months before the proposed starting date.



  • Summer school

FEBS Summer Fellowships are awarded to young promising students in a FEBS country wishing to gain practical scientific experience in an institution located in a different FEBS country.

Recipient: Master students or PhD students.

Budget: around 3.500 euros.

Deadline: May 1.