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Cellular Biology and Neurobiology Laboratory (Cell Biology)

Biologia Cellulare e Neurobiologia

Referents: Prof. Marco Biggiogera, Prof. Maria Grazia Bottone

Co-workers: Claudio Casali, Gloria Milanesi

We study at ultrastructural level mechanisms underlying transcription control and modulation, and epigenetic control mechanisms (DNA and RNA methylation and post-translational histone modifications). The modification of chromatin structure under stressful conditions (heat shock, cold shock, oxidative stress) is analyzed both in ultrastructure and in superresolution (STED) in cellular models in vitro. The analyzes use immunocytochemical and in situ hybridization methods both in fluorescence and in TEM. Regarding the ultrastructure, the laboratory also provides support to Centro Grandi Strumenti, with negative staining, immunolabeling and ultrastructural morphology techniques.


  • Prof. Christoph Cremer, Kirchhoff Institute of Physics (KIP) University Heidelberg;
  • Prof. Manuela Malatesta, Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, Biomedicina e Movimento, Università di Verona;
  • Prof. Christian Schoefer, Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology (Division of Cell and Developmental Biology), Vienna;
  • Prof. Dusan Cmarko, Charles University in Prague, Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology.
Immagine confocale Lab. Biol. Cellulare

Confocal and dual STED imaging comparison. Cyan: DNA. Magenta: EZH2 (Polycomb
complex protein, epigenetic repressive mechanism). Samples observed with a Leica TCS SP8
STED 3X, UniPV PASS-BioMed. Claudio Casali – Marco Biggiogera.

Immagine DualSted Lab. Biol. Cellulare