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Cellular biology

Comparative Anatomy and Cytology
Anatomia comparata e citologia

Referent: Dr. Vittorio Bertone

Cellular Biology and Neurobiology Laboratory
Biologia cellulare

Referents: Prof. Marco Biggiogera, Prof. Maria Grazia Bottone

Co-workers: Paola Veneroni (lab technician), Cristina Favaron (PhD student), Ludovica Gaiaschi (PhD student), Federica Gola (PhD student)

The Cell Biology and Neurobiology Laboratory mainly deals with investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying biological processes, such as differentiation, cell proliferation and cell death in normal and pathological conditions, on in vivo and in vitro models using morphological and microscopic cytochemical and cytometric techniques (optical microscopes equipped for the various techniques, bright field, phase contrast, interference contrast, fluorescence and a transmission electron microscope).