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Referent: Prof. Alberta Pinnola

Co-workers: Pierantonio Doto (PhD student), Ilenia Zuin (fellow)

The research activity focuses on the molecular physiology of abiotic stress responses in photosynthetic organisms, in particular higher plants, mosses and unicellular algae, responses that allow to combat adverse environmental conditions. The research approach is multidisciplinary and includes:

  • Genetics: transformation by homologous recombination of P. patens moss, transformation through A. tumefaciens of higher plants, CRISP-CAS9 into A. thaliana, N.tabacum and S. lycopersicum;
  • Biochemistry and Moelcular Biology: purification of organelles, HPLC, electrophoresis of porins in native and denaturing conditions; cloning; expression and purification of proteins in homologous and heterologous systems;
  • Physiology: Fluorescence and absorption measurements in in vivo systems and in isolated porin-pigment complexes.