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Facility of Molecular and Cellular Biology

PASS-BioMed Imaging ("Centro Grandi Strumenti")

The Department of Biology and Biotechnology has actively contributed by supplying the "Centro Grandi Strumenti" (CGS) with some of the instruments purchased with the "Excellence Project". This agreement, formalized between DBB and CGS, makes the machines available to University and external researchers and allows the machines to be regularly maintained from a functional point of view.

Furthermore, thanks to the contribution of the DBB, to a similar agreement with the Department of Molecular Medicine and to a substantial contribution from the University, the CGS was able to develop the PASS-BioMed Imaging Facility (Palazzo Golgi-Spallanzani, via Ferrata 9, Pavia).

The PASS-BioMed Imaging Facility should have been inaugurated in January 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic blocked and postponed the opening in 2021.

Detailed information and technical characteristics can be found on the website of the "Centro Grandi Strumenti" (CGS), where the instruments can be booked by researchers, while a brief overview is shown here.

- Cryo-EM (Thermo Scientific):

This cryogenic microscope, based on Transmission Electron cryomicroscopy, exploits cryogenic temperatures for the visualization of samples in their native environment, allowing structural determinations of molecular complexes at atomic resolution.

- STED Confocal Microscopy (Leica Microsystems):

This confocal microscope with STED module, capable of reaching 30 nm of resolution, is equipped with a white light laser that emits radiation with a wavelength along the entire visible spectrum.

- Fluorescence Microscope DM6 (Leica Microsystems):

Upright fluorescence microscope equipped with Hamamatsu camera.

- ImageStreamX MarkII Imaging Flow Cytometer (Amnis/Luminex):


This imaging  flow cytometer has an optical system with 3 objectives, is equipped with two lasers (488 and 642 nm) and can detect 6 channels simultaneously, using a high resolution CCD camera.

- FACS Lyric Flow Cytometer (Becton Dickinson):

The BD FACS Lyric flow cytometer is equipped with 3 lasers (405, 488 and 642 nm) with the ability to detect 12 colors.