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Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Epigenomics

Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Epigenomics
Biologia Molecolare, Citogenetica, Epigenomica


  • Prof. Solomon Nergadze (Epigenomics e Bioinformatics)
  • Prof. Elena Raimondi (Molecular Cytogenetics)
  • Prof. Elena Giulotto (Molecular and Cellular Biology)


  • Eleonora Cappelletti (post-doc), Maria Francesca Piras (post-doc)
  • Wasma Amin Abdelgadir Ahmed (PhD student), Lorenzo Sola (PhD student)


Research projects concern the molecular mechanisms involved in maintaining the integrity of the mammalian genome that play a fundamental role in carcinogenesis and evolution. The main structures necessary for maintaining the structural and functional integrity of chromosomes are the centromeres and telomeres.